BEAST TALKS #6: “Documentary Matters” and “Women in the Romanian Film Industry”

BEAST IFF has promoted two different panels within the Focus Romanian Section. Find out more below.

The festival has broadcasted live the panel Documentary Matters, as a part of the Focus Country section, that pays homage to Romania in 2021.

“Documentary Matters” is a project initiated by the speaker Monica Lazurean Gorgan, aiming to shine a light on the emergence of the documentary in the Romanian film scene. The goal of the project is to create awareness about the importance of this genre and the challenges that the documentary has been facing over the years.

Guest speakers included the producer Monica Lăzurean Gorgan herself, and filmmaker and political researcher Ruxandra Gubernat. If you want to watch the whole discussion, mediated by Simona Constantin, contact us at

Also within the Focus Romania section, BEAST IFF has broadcasted live another panel: “Women In The Romanian Film Industry”.

Dedicated to gender dynamics in the European film industry, with a specific focus on Romania, the conversation included professionals from different sectors of the cinematic ecosystem, in an attempt to assess, analyze and discuss the past, present, and future situation. The discussion was moderated by Teresa Vieira.

Guest speakers included the producer Ada Solomon, the film critic and professor Irina Trocan and the producer Corina Burlacu. Watch it all below: