On May 12th, the medium-length film “Arte Pura”, winner of the EAST Doc Award, will be shown at Espaço Cultural Maus Hábitos.

Every year, exciting new short and medium-length films compete for the awards of Best Fiction, Best Documentary and Best Experimental within the ambit of BEAST International Film Festival. With each edition, this competitive programme enriches BEAST IFF and its community, introducing new works, new faces through a diverse selection of style and form.

Location: Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural

Date: May 12th (WED), 8:30 PM

Ticketing: Free admission*
*Pre-reservations can be made by purchasing a snack pack at the Maus Hábitos store.


East Doc Award for Best Documentary: Pure Art (Maksim Shved, Poland, 52′, 2019, DOC., LEG. PT)

Communal painters Zina and Inna carefully paint the graffiti and slogans on the walls of Minsk, leaving colorful rectangles as a result. The artist Zakhar Kudin is inspired by bright figures and decides to copy them to the huge canvases. Passers-by intrigued by Zakhar’s performance are trying to interpret his work and express their opinion, but not only about art. Watching the birth of an artistic phenomenon, the film with irony and love shows contemporary Belarus and raises issues that are relevant not only in this country.