After a successful online edition, BEAST IFF returns to cinemas in Porto

The 4th edition of the festival will follow the on-site format between April 29 and June 3, showing new films and highlights of its online program.

Presented by Associação Cultural OKNA in co-production with Câmara Municipal do Porto and with the support of local and international cultural institutes, BEAST International Film Festival will continue its activities after its online edition in March this year.

From films available on VOD platforms, and live activities and discussions with members of the film industry on Facebook and YouTube, the festival surpassed the 10,000 views mark and proved the viability of an enriching online experience.

In view of the recent measures proposed by Portugal health guidelines, BEAST IFF now extends its programming to the traditional cinemas in Porto, which have always welcomed us.

So far, 16 unique screenings are planned between April 29 and June 3. Highlights of the online program will be showcased, as well as new films for those who attended the 4th edition of BEAST International Film Festival from the comfort of their homes.

On April 29, Cinema Passos Manuel will host the premiere session of the 4th BEAST IFF on-site program with the festival’s opening film, “Ivana The Terrible“, by director Ivana Mladenović. In addition to debuting the 2021 on-site edition, Cinema Passos Manuel will also host BEAST IFF sessions every Thursday, until the 3rd of June.

Espaço Cultural Maus Hábitos will also host the festival twice – on the 5th and on the 12th of May. On this first occasion, the event, which will be free of charge, will present the short and medium-length films that won the Official Competition of BEAST International Film Festival this year.

Casa das Artes, in turn, will host two sessions of the new Portuguese Abroad program, on the 6th and 8th of May. Other cultural sites in the city of Porto, such as Cinema da Trindade, Café Candelabro and Livraria Térmita will also screen films from the festival’s program.