Visegrad Film Hub

VISEGRAD FILM HUB, organised by BEAST International Film Festival with the support of International Visegrad Fund, provides support for the audiovisual works from the V4 region (Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) through activation of networks and educational events. This collaborative experience with relevant institutions from the region will  focus on presenting regular screening while accessing new audiences on the Portugal territory. This is to be the third edition of VFH,  a gathering of film enthusiasts, young professionals and a step further to building the identity of the New East.

Visegrad Film Hub 3.0, taking place between March – June 2021, will present the new audiovisual talents from the V4 countries, in a continuation of the work to promote the cultural diversity of the V4 and the intercultural dialogue across Europe. Between the 24th of March – 10th of July, BEAST IFF brings the third edition of the Visegrad Film Hub with V4 SCREEN and V4 ACADEMY, presenting a series of special screenings and educational projects focused on new media and audiovisual technologies.

Project partners

PLUSEAST – Cultural Association

PLUSEAST, the entity behind BEAST International Film Festival, is an organisation formed by Portuguese and international members, based on the motto “From East to West” reflecting its mission – promotion of Eastern European culture and contemporary art in Portugal through active collaborations with local and international institutions. The cultural diversity of Europe is what makes it such a singular place, thus it is essential to give the opportunity to a wide public of getting to know the best that is made in the field of artistic expression and cultural identity in countries that, for the majority, are still very far. Since 2018, Visegrad Film Hub has become an essential part of the mission as it brings together Portugal four countries that represent a substantial part of the cultural production in the Central and East European region.

Anilogue International Animation Festival

Anilogue is an annual international animation festival taking place in Budapest, Hungary. The festival presents a whole week of animation, packed with feature premieres, sneak previews, workshops, a competition of European animated short films and numerous special programmes including a seven hours long animated show, concerts and cartoon exhibitions.

BRNO16 International Short Film Festival

BRNO16 is an international short film festival. It is one of the oldest film festivals in the Czech Republic and has been going on uninterrupted since 1960. At the same time, it is also one of the oldest short film festivals in the world. BRNO16 presents various kinds of short films – live action, animation, experimental, student, professional and also non-professional. Besides the prestigious competition, festival offers different kinds of activities in the off-programme – exhibitions, discussions or workshops. Each year we welcome various Czech and foreign guests, with whom you can discuss their films and professional experience.

Photon Foundation

Photon Foundation is dedicated to supporting contemporary culture and digital art. It organises Artists in Residence programs and supports international art collaborations. It is the official organizer of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival in Krakow, Poland. Member of the AVnode international network for artists and events, presenting contemporary audiovisual art. Photon Foundation is based in Krakow, Poland.


TRAKT aims to promote art in the widest possible range of social groups through the organisation of exhibitions, screenings, cultural events, theater performances, symposia, lectures, workshops, happenings and other similar events. TRAKT specializes in new media, digital technologies and a wide range of visual art media. The association has no ambition to be just an alternative for a specific, narrow group of people, but to offer cultural and artistic experiences to people with different lifestyles and worldview.

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund – . The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

V4 Screen

The V4 Screen section aims to promote cinema from the Visegrád Group countries to the Portuguese and international audience. The program is part of Visegrad Film Hub, a project co-financed by the governments of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia through the International Visegrad Fund, in collaboration with several cultural Central European institutions.

This year’s program proposes a diverse selection, which can take further the artistic discourse of the project and introduce its audience to new exciting works.