BEAST IFF ON-SITE #11: The Soviet Garden

On June 2nd, the feature film “The Soviet Garden”, co-produced between Romania and Moldova, will be shown at Maus Hábitos Espaço Cultural.

Within the scope of the festival, the Focus Country section acted this year as a window into Romanian culture through the attentive and sensitive look of its filmmakers. ​This special program aimed to highlight the power of storytelling based on real facts, as well as the talent and creativity of the region’s directors.

Included in the section is the documentary feature film “The Soviet Garden”, which premieres on the big screens of Portugal with the support of the Instituto Cultural Romeno Lisboa.

Location: Maus Hábitos – Espaço de Intervenção Cultural

Date: June 2nd (WED), 8:30 PM

Ticketing: Free entry*
*Pre-reservations can be made by purchasing a snack pack at the Maus Hábitos store.


The Soviet Garden (Dragos Turea, Romania/Moldova, 76′, DOC., SUB. ENG)

Stimulated by his grandmother’s lethal illness and her memories of some mysterious agricultural experiments in the past, Moldavian filmmaker Dragoș decides to investigate why cancer rate has increased in his home country lately and whether there is some connection between the fatal statistics and these secret scientific endeavors. 

This very personal documentary digs into rare found footage in order to portray the industrial shock imposed on Moldova by the Soviet State while unveiling the secret plan of Nikita Khrushchev to transform Moldova into the Soviet Garden.