BEAST IFF ON-SITE #3: Portuguese Abroad with Welket Bungué

On May 6th, the actor, transdisciplinary artist and Guinean-Portuguese director Welket Bungué will take over the big screen at Casa das Artes, in Porto.

The Portuguese Abroad section is the product of a partnership between BEAST IFF and Cineclube do Porto, and it will once again promote sessions dedicated to the best of Portuguese cinema with connections outside of Portugal.

In the first session of the program, five short films by Welket Bungué produced between 2016 and 2020 will be shown. As they vary from the experimental field to strong fiction narratives, these films demonstrate an enormous cinematographic sensitivity, reflecting the pleasure of using a camera and the discovery that, through it, it is done.

Location: Casa das Artes

Date: May 6th (THU), 8:30 PM

Ticketing: The regular ticket will be € 3.5, while the student ticket and the +65 ticket will be € 2.5.


Bastien (Welket Bungué, Portugal, 2016, FIC., 20’)

Ex Exploiter Expropriator (Welket Bungué, Cape Verde, 2016, FIC., 17’)

Aginal (Welket Bungué, Brazil / Germany, 2018, FIC., 14’)

Run If You Can, Dance If You Dare (Welket Bungué, Portugal / Brazil, 2019, FIC., 8’)

Cacheu Cutum (Welket Bungué, Guinea Bissau, 2020, FIC / DOC., 7’5’’)