The Mirages of Freedom: already available for national and international audiences, free of charge

Our collaborative project with the Dovzhenko Center, in Ukraine, is available without any fee.

We are pleased to present The Mirages of Freedom, our program in partnership with the Dovzhenko Center, which pays tribute to Ukraine and its experimental short films produced between the 1960s and 1980s.

The program will be available between 24 and 28 March, free of charge, for national and international audiences through the festival’s online library – to get access, just CLICK HERE.

Among its titles are works by the school of Ukrainian Poetic Cinema and its leader Sergei Parajanov; student films created by the future icons of Ukrainian cinema, Leonid Osyka and Roman Balayan; and shorts produced by Kyivnaukfilm Studio’s creative team in the 1980s.

These titles present the beauty and the tragedy of late Soviet informal art, ranging from documentary chronicles of family life to parody comedies, which are marked by absurdity and irony.