Opening Film: Ivana The Terrible, an autobiographical docu-fiction

The Opening Film session is a part of the Focus Country program.

Special activities, projections, focus on new talents, schools, and other festivals – this is Focus Country, our section that highlights contemporary cinematographic culture by bringing the cinema circuit of a Central and Eastern European country to Portugal.

In this edition of BEAST IFF, Romania is honored by the program, which debuts at the Opening Session of the festival one of the most acclaimed documentaries of 2020: “Ivana The Terrible”, the second feature film by director Ivana Mladenović.

The film challenges the limits between drama, comedy, and non-fiction by accompanying the protagonist, who lives in Bucharest, during a tumultuous visit to her small hometown.

In this docu-fiction feature film, Mladenović proves to be an actress, screenwriter, and insightful filmmaker, guaranteeing her place among the newest and most interesting faces of New East cinema.

Selected for Opening Session:

Ivana The Terrible
Ivana Mladenović | Romania, Serbia | 2019 | DOC | 86 ‘ | SUB. PT/EN