Maternity is a film about the fatigue of a mother of two small kids. The act of self-sacrifice for the sake of a child that absorbs all the time and leaves no space either for consumption or for satisfactions or vanity becomes a chance for a devoted woman in a state of the physical and emotional exhaustion to reach the transcendental state close to spiritual ecstasy. Lacking resources for proper functioning, her organism starts disassociating information and enters into a seeming madness, when the brain is unable to control thought process as usual, and because of a total focus solely on a child, all the rest in the world ceases to be of any importance, freeing her from everything excessive and superfluous.


Nataliya Ilchuk was born in Ukraine in 1985. She graduated from Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France in 2020. Since 2006, she independently directed many short films alongside experimental documentaries and art videos of hybrid form, mixing different media.

  • Nataliya Ilchuk
  • Ukraine
  • 2019
  • Exp./Doc.
  • 17’
  • Sub. PT/ENG



Official Competition