Stimulated by his grandmother’s lethal illness and her memories of some mysterious agricultural experiments in the past, Moldavian filmmaker Dragoș decides to investigate why the cancer rate has increased in his home country lately and whether there is some connection between the fatal statistics and these secret scientific endeavours. This very personal documentary digs into rare found footage in order to portray the industrial shock imposed on Moldova by the Soviet State while unveiling the secret plan of Nikita Khrushchev to transform Moldova into the Soviet Garden through the application of atomic energy in agriculture.


Dragoș Turea was born in Chișinău, Moldova in 1980. Graduated in 2004 from the Chișinău Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts with a Master’s Degree in Film Directing. He made his debut with the documentary “Vasile Mămăligă”, awarded with the debut prize of The Union of Filmmakers from Moldova in 2007. He worked as a producer for Publika TV, Prime TV, Jurnal TV (2007-2015). In 2010 he started his biggest project to date, the feature-length documentary film production ”The Soviet Garden”.

  • Dragoș Turea
  • Moldova, Romania
  • 2019
  • Doc.
  • 76’
  • Sub. PT/ENG



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